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Here are the remaning ducklings at 10 weeks. I butchered one of the excess drakelets and I’m still sad about it, so the other 2 extra drakes are still here. And in the picture below that one, there are changes to the pen.

10 week ducklings, Khaki Campbell
10 week ducklings

In this pic, the duckling are 11 weeks. The ground was staying wet a little outside the pea gravel pit, so I dug more pit and sank two milk crates into it, upside down. Now the ducks walk on the bottoms of the crates, and water splashes through. No more mud. Also, we’re receiving chickens from someone who is moving, so I added a chicken wire partition and gate. Maybe those chickens will get along with the ducks, we’ll see.

11 week ducklings, Khaki Campbell
11 week ducklings

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