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Got Derwent Lightfast

So I bought a 12-pack of Derwent Lightfast pencils as a last try for lightfast colored pencils (well, I haven’t tried Caran D’Ache).
I’ve already got them in a window for a lightfast test.
Here they are on cold press paper.

Derwent Lightfast sketches on cold press
Derwent Lightfast quick sketches on cold press

I thought I’d fill in the texture with watercolor washes, and did that on the first two sketches. With the chipmunk, I used a wash with sand in it. That really did eat the pencils. Unfortunately, I used advice that calls for brushing with an old, worn bristle brush in order to wipe the color into the valleys. I just wiped away the pencil color. So the chipmunk is almost blank now.
I used a Prussian blue wash next and pencilled and burnished shapes over. The color shows nicely against the almost black. And the ultramarine also acts like a white.
On the quick vase sketch, I started with Blick Studio pencils and used rubbing alcohol as a solvent to get it into the texture. But that texture worked to make the towel look like terrycloth, so I quit using the alcohol. The highlights on the vase do look like highlights.
For the last, I just rubbed the pencils over the texture to make the look of wood. That should have turned out better.
Dick Blick accidentally sent too many tins. I emailed them about the mistake, and was heartbroken to get a shipping label, in order to send the extras back. I was hoping to get an email saying, “Just keep them”. That would have been my lucky day.
Oh, this cold press paper is Fabriano Artistico, but it buckled just slightly. It never used to do that!

I will post about my lightfastness test in a couple months. You can’t believe the manufacturers.

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