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Abandoned Portrait

I was using the 12-set of Derwent LIghtfast colored pencils to draw a portrait, but the paper has uneven texture and various other problems. It’s Fabriano Artistico hot press!!! Maybe it’s counterfeit? That used to be my favorite paper. Well, I’ve waited on myself for weeks to get back to it and I won’t. So I should move on. Here’s that abandoned drawing:

Excuse my work boots.

The Derwent LIghtfast pencils are good, though they seem to wear down faster than the Polychromos. And they’re more opaque.

The lightfastness test is still in the window. They haven’t faded one iota in over a month and this is summer. I’ll try to put up a pic of that…..though I’d rather run around outdoors all day than come to the computer.

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