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Derwent Lightfast final result

derwent lightfast final result of lightfastness test.
The upper strip is the strip that I put out in the sun.
The lower strip was kept in a dark drawer. There’s no difference!

Upper strip kept out from 25 July through 25 October. That’s hot summer sun in this hemisphere. There’s no difference in the test strips. That’s great to know, because these pencils aren’t cheap. (Ignore the violet in the bottom corner)

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  1. Hello Cindy, I thank you very much for your lightfastness Tests! I am searching for a long time, especially the derwent lightfast. I am frustrated because I love my Polychromos, but they are not as lightfast as the derwent, am I right?
    The disadvantage is the the caran Dache Luminance for example contain very lightfast but toxic pigments like Cobalt. I don’t want to work with such Pigments. I guess the derwent contain these Pigments, too..

    Kind regards


    1. I don’t want to work with toxic pigments, either. You can see the pigments used by Derwent Lightfast here: and you can look up the information on pigments here:
      For example, Derwent uses a lot of phthalo green PG7. Caran D’Ache uses Cobalt green PG 50 .
      I haven’t looked at all the pigments used by all 100 Derwent pencils, so I’m not sure if they’re all nontoxic.


      1. Hello Cindy,

        wow, that’s wonderful, it helps so much! I will research every pigment regard its toxity. But I found out that is not easy because some shops like Kremer pigments for example even claim that their cobalt pigments are not harmful, in datasheet there is no caution label?! I am confused, I wonder why because genuine cobalt (not the „hue“) is highly toxic. I guess that is no good source for research. Unfortunately Wikipedia does not list much pigments. If I manage the research and find a source I will inform you about the results! I think it’s important because artists work constantly with this colours and breathe some pigment dust. It can’t be avoided completely.

        Kind regards


      2. Thanks to you, I looked through all the Derwent pigments. I was satisfied that they’re safe and bought the set of 72 colored pencils.
        Hm, the Kremer website has cautions for the toxic pigments, but the safety data sheet warns mainly about allergic reactions. Strange.


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