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Out of stock

If you are low on paint, maybe you should get some now. I keep seeing “Out Of Stock”, and they expect more in January (like Winsor & Newton Professional acrylic alizarin crimson hue). January is several months from now! So I broke every semblance of a budget and got some more items, including LARGE sizes.
I was doing some practice on cardboard, but now I’m frozen. “Oh, how dare I waste this paint.”
So I’m out of stock mentally. Can’t use the paint. Yeah, this is what I was doing:

A jar of my pepper salsa that I canned. An onion and garlic. I was just getting to know the paint better, having fun with it.
The Blickrylic gel won’t mix into the Prussian blue pigment, the yellow ochre or the green earth pigments. So I got more Golden mediums, even though they’re much more expensive. The sticker shock is incredible.
But hey, at least I get to paint and spend money and breathe. People around here dying of something preventable.
People, take that vaccine! Stop believing crazy stuff about it. It’s not tracking people, it’s not turning us into zombies. Blood clots are rare with a vaccine, but with covid, micro clots are a common and deadly problem.

And wear that piece of cloth on your face. Stop whining about it like a little brat, ok? We shouldn’t have lost one of our good doctors…

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