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Trav Travails

Trav, grayscale

So, I did a grayscale portrait in Krita, and then started to do color over it. Well, I can advise, that your grayscale has got to be smooth. No streaks or splotches, unless you love the artsy look of exaggerated streaks and splotches.

Trav, after several color modes

Now I’ll show you the screenshot of the work inside Krita, on my Linux Mint – it’s a large file size, sorry:

I’m hoping you can click on that to enlarge, so you can see the modes I tried – on the right side, in the ‘Layers’ docker.

You can see the reference image I pinned inside Krita, off the screen to the left. Got to say, I did the coloring fast. I thought it should be fast, after the work put into the grayscale.

I’d also like to mention that OMG, I LOVE digital!!! I don’t have wet paint all over me when I’m called and have to be there at a moment’s notice. I feel so relaxed. And I’m going to save oodles of money on canvases and papers.

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