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Smart canvas

You can get 3 templates for Krita already set up with a good ‘paper’ or ‘canvas’ for oil, for watercolor and for pastel. Layers are already in place and adjusted for you! The download is and the explainer video is Just open those templates in Krita, go to menu File -> Create Template from Image. And while you’re in the ‘Extras’ folder at, get the RGBA-wet bundle. That’s the wet oil brushes for Krita 5. The dry ones come with Krita. I don’t know why the oil brushes are named RGBA. (The explainer video: )

I’m sketching with the oil and watercolor brushes:

sketch w/ oil brushes
mainly impasto, fast

sketch w/ watercolor brushes, default paper
chalk w/ default pastel paper

Yummy paper and canvas look. Oh, and the watercolor brushes! The wash brushes get more watery as you apply pressure! I love those programmers.

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