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work chatter

I’m going to show you what I’m working on. It’s a type of vanitas – memento moris. I just messed up the head, so I’ve been trying to restore it today.

(I realized the neck was too long, so I selected the head and moved it downward. Simple, right? Well, I had accidentally painted for some time in the ‘Sketch’ layer and needed to move it, too. So, I merged the sketch layer with the painting layer…this story is too long…anyway, afterwards, I found the option ‘Select All Visible Layers’ and realized all I had to do was make all the other layers invisible and select the two visible – then move them.)

One can paint ‘traditionally’ in a painting program; you just have to locate the brushes and colors, and simply paint. But I love a lot of the tools. One of my favorites is the Measure tool. It measures distances and angles. I tend to ‘over judge’ angles. I’ll see a slight incline and draw a steep incline. That is especially annoying when drawing people. I get the eyes lopsided when there’s just a slight difference in angle.
And that brings me to another great tool! The Move tool. I can just draw around the eye with the Freehand Selection tool, click on the ‘T’ keyboard shortcut for the move tool (in Krita), and move the eye!

As for layers, I try to have local selections in one layer when possible. Of course, the sketch layer has to be separate, I suppose. 😦

Anyway, I’m wondering what else to put in this, if anything. I have the sun clock at 5 till midnight behind me and I’m holding a different clock….I have a book to show my worldly possession, at my feet. I have the winter season.
I might like some worldy possessions behind me?
Well, I’ll just play with it over the next few days.
According to the document information, I’ve already ‘edited’ it for almost 11 hours! Well, that includes rebuilding the face today. Playing with some of the tools, just for fun. Playing with the ‘Digital Atelier’ brushes…

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