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Nerd Block

Yes, I have Nerd Block. Inability to produce a work, because I am nerding out over the attractions of the software program. That exist to help one produce a work! Seriously, Krita has too many color options. I’m not even painting because I’m adding keyboard shortcuts to “Color Hot-keys” and to 10 brushes, listed below the color talk.
I added a hue strip to the minimal shade selector(shortcut Shift + n). That is added to 3 others – a value strip, another for saturation-desaturation and one for hue shifting – one side of the hue shift bar shifts the color warmer and the other side toward a cooler color. That shade selector is all I really need. But I didn’t let that stop me.

I changed the Advanced Color Selector(Shift + i) to HSY’ (Hue, Saturation, Luminosity) because I think I see more colors in the triangle? I also took away the docker, because I memorized the keyboard shortcuts for it, for the shade selectors, for the history of colors used(h), and for the used colors in that particular piece(u)[ You have to hit to Load button, to load the used colors]. And because the Pop-up Palette(right click) has a bunch of stuff. Oh, and I changed the Pop-up Palette to Wide Gamut Selector. That changes the hue circle to same value/saturation as the current selection in the triangle. So picking another hue in the circle will give a hue in the same value. Right?

So, those color changes, together with the Color Hotkeys, give a ton of color options.

Change/Add keyboard shortcuts at Settings -> Configure Krita -> Keyboard Shortcuts. (Typing in a search word saves time)
Color Hotkeys:
(Change number of steps of color changes at Settings -> Configure Krita -> Color Selector Settings, Docker: dropdown menu)
color more Desaturated = Windows (Meta) + D
color more saturated = doesn’t work
more Blue = Meta + B
more Red = Meta + R
more Yellow = Meta + Y
more Green = Meta + G
shift hue Clockwise = Alt + C (according to the wheel around the Advanced Color Selector, not a conventional color wheel)
shift hue Counterclockwise = Meta + Alt + C

Tools -> Scripts -> Ten Brushes:

Right now, I have them set them to:
Alt+1 = big eraser
Alt+2 = DA Oil 16 Rough Blocking (slight variation in color and application, large size for blocking in, smaller size makes it a pastel block, even smaller, it becomes a pastel pencil)
Alt+3 = Bristles4-Glaze (glazing brush at light pressure, more opaque at firm pressure)
Alt+4 = dry bristles (quick dabs give a straw texture, strokes give roughness visible even at small brush size. One of my favorite ‘all-purpose’ brushes)
Alt+5 = 5 bristles flat (responds well to pressure changes; at big size and firm pressure, good for blocking in. I like to change this brush tip in the Brush Editor)
Alt+6 = DA (Digital Atelier) Oil 11 Rake Wet (at no pressure, it’s a blender, with bristle brush effect and looks ruffled around the edge of the blend. At some pressure, it paints softly. More pressure, paints intensely)
Alt+7 = wet circle (Same as above, but with smooth circle)
Alt+8 = Flat-Paint-Brush Creamy (At low pressure, it’s good for blending with a smooth bristle look; at firm pressure and overlapping strokes, good for a flat color field. If I don’t lift up the stylus at the end of a stroke, it gives a completely straight edge, which is good for coming up seamlessly to an edge.)
Alt+9 = DA Oil 04 Fine Bristles (for smooth coverage with canvas effect) May change.
Alt+0 = airbrush soft (for smooth coverage with no texture – though I can add a pattern in the Brush Editor! At a very small size, it’s a sketch pencil!)

Paste into same/active layer = Ctrl + Shift + V
Toggle layer alpha = z
Windows(Meta) + , = Show/Hide reference image
Meta + . = reference image tool
Measure tool = n
Freehand selection = w
Add Local Selection = a

Any time one of these shortcuts conflicted with a shortcut in Linux (my operating system), I changed the Linux shortcut.

I realized that pencil-2 at a very large size is an airbrush. Conversely, the airbrush at a very small size is a pencil. I deleted the pencil from my 10-brush shortcuts. I replaced it with the DA Oil 16 Rough Blocking. At smaller sizes it becomes a pastel block and then a pastel pencil.
Incidentally, ‘Precision’ ink pen at large size is a good airbrush. Fineliner at large size is great for flat color application.
I have the shift key applied to the front rocker button of my stylus. So I press it and then drag my stylus left to decrease the brush size, rightward to increase the size. So, it’s a quick operation!

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