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WIP Wrinkles

WIP = Work In Progress


I started this sketch today. The photo is copyright-free, from Such amazing photography there! Speaking of….I love to draw faces. But I can’t improve on a photograph, so I’ve been asking myself why. Why do I draw/paint something a photograph can do better?

Day two – I’ve started shading the woman and adding wrinkles. So much fun! I made so-called ‘local’ selections of the skin, background and head covering, so I can both use the gradient mapping for adding starting color to the skin, and so I don’t have to worry about painting over the lines. When it’s time to paint the background, I’ll turn on that selection and I won’t get the background ‘paint’ into the head. In the screenshot below I have the skin selection active.

Later: I am sick at heart. I had made the wrinkles look very 3d and was delighted. Then I added color. I kept experimenting until she looked like a zebra. I was horrified! So I flattened all the wrinkles. That just made her have flat lines all over her face. And smudges. So I’ve lightened the darks. Uh, a little better. But her eyes are looking reproachfully at me.
I’ll look at her again tomorrow. Maybe after a little more work, I’ll feel like signing it.

Finally, I didn’t notice that everything wasn’t tilted. The woman in the photo has her head tilted. So, everything on her head is at an angle. Oh, but not in my drawing. So, I tried to move an eye, etc.

I’m stopping here:

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