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Derwent L. Notes

I made myself some preliminary notes about the Derwent Lightfast pencils:

For primaries, Deep Rose serves ok as a magenta, I think. (Made with quinacridone violet and titanium white.) The pencil Magenta is actually quinacridone magenta PR122. I’ll be adding that to my Dick Blick cart next time!
Dark Turquoise seems ok as a primary cyan. I notice that Dark Cyan is made with red, so it would be a reddish cyan.
For a primary yellow, Sun Yellow is PY74, a great Hansa yellow.

Single Pigments:
Sun Yellow.
Peridot Blue is single pigment phthalo green.
Magenta is single pigment quin magenta.
Dark Orange is a single pigment PR101 (iron oxide Mars).
Nightshade and Violet are single pigment PV23.
Mars Orange is single pigment PY42, iron oxide.

Black & White are single pigments.

Remarks: Derwent Red is a nice naphthol red.
Cherry Red = anthraquinone red, blue-red.
Mid-Blue 70% = warm blue w/o white.
Deep Blue, Denim & Sapphire are cool blues w/o white.

Heather is a wonderful pink, made with Manganese violet and titanium white.

Cooler brownish red: Ruby Earth.
Warm brownish red: Venetian & Sepia.

Burnt Sienna seems quite golden.

Neutral grays:
Mist, Granite, Cloud Gray(Cloud Gray is powdered aluminum & graphite).
Cool grays:
Platinum, Cool Gray.
Warm grays:

Warm Gray, Fossil Gray, Moonstone.

Close to whites:
Cool white: Arctic.
Warm white: Wheat.
Whitish pink: Oyster (cool), Flesh (warm).

Burnishers, tinters:
Arctic seems to burnish, Light Aqua tints blues.
Oyster burnishes cool reds, slightly tints and cools orangey reds.
Flesh Pink burnishes Flame and the orangey browns, but slightly tints some reds.
Dusky Pink burnishes Merlot nicely.
Wheat seems to tint all the darker browns. For burnishing, I might reach for a cotton swab.


Actually, I’m having bad paper problems, as you can see with the attached duckling WIP. (No, it’s not a work in progress, I’m going to abandon it.)

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