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First dragon edited

With the advice of my granddaughter, I came up with a little dragon concept. My first dragon. It’s nice to do something from my imagination. Much more creative, I think.

Quiet, unassuming; doesn’t like to be teased about its hair.

Oh yeah, I should say I used several textures in Krita. For the reptilian scales, I made a layer over the colored-in dragon, set the blending mode to Overlay, made it quite transparent and then used the Fill tool with Texture-Reptile. For the ground, I went to the background layer, selected the ground and chose to fill with ‘Sand‘. Then of course, I shaded. For the clouds, I used a brush called Large Splat.

Even though it’s just a concept, I couldn’t leave one arm joining the body in the back and the other joining the body in the front! Wouldn’t the dragon always be twisted, never able to have the torso centered? I changed that.

And now I bent the knee more. The dragon is supposed to be taking off for a glide to its left. The knee is bent enough now, I think.

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