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Loosely painted horse

I like loose paintings with expressive strokes, but usually I’m too uptight a person to successfully leave a painting like that. I overwork. But I’ve been gardening and hammering – outside work. So, my drawing hand is tired. I took advantage of it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Nice and loose work! Yep, this is digital. I used digital… Continue reading Loosely painted horse

First dragon edited

With the advice of my granddaughter, I came up with a little dragon concept. My first dragon. It’s nice to do something from my imagination. Much more creative, I think. Oh yeah, I should say I used several textures in Krita. For the reptilian scales, I made a layer over the colored-in dragon, set the… Continue reading First dragon edited

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Textured face

I needed practice with tilted heads, so I chose another image from Pexels to look at while I drew. I added a great texture called Texture Melt and brushed on some colors. I also experimented with Color Balance.

WIP Wrinkles

WIP = Work In Progress I started this sketch today. The photo is copyright-free, from Such amazing photography there! Speaking ofโ€ฆ.I love to draw faces. But I can’t improve on a photograph, so I’ve been asking myself why. Why do I draw/paint something a photograph can do better? Day two – I’ve started shading… Continue reading WIP Wrinkles


I’m just casually sketching things lately. Just having a little fun with all those brushes.

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With this one, I used a lot of different brushes. You can certainly see the impasto brushes. I may go back and touch it up a little more. I’ll look at it again tomorrow. (Forehead wasn’t quite wide enough. Fixed)

Charcoal with gradient map

I’m still using that charcoal bundle and I used a gradient map on the fox (redrawn). This is fun. I love the willow sticks that are grainy and the blenders that are made like paper towels with patterns.

Charcoal brushes

So now I’ve downloaded the charcoal bundle in Krita Extras. Ohhh, they have tilt recognition. For a long time, I didn’t even know my tablet had tilt. So, these charcoal ‘brushes’ are shading when I tilt my pen and they’re skinny when my pen is upright. And they have wonderful grain. Nice blenders. I did… Continue reading Charcoal brushes


I made a complementary color still life. I arranged this on the dining table, with a tablecloth thrown over a briefcase. And the candlestick holder really isn’t that tall. ๐Ÿ™‚I meant to focus on the RGBA brushes (oil), but I also used several others in Krita. It was enjoyable – doesn’t matter how many times… Continue reading Snack

Smart canvas

You can get 3 templates for Krita already set up with a good ‘paper’ or ‘canvas’ for oil, for watercolor and for pastel. Layers are already in place and adjusted for you! The download is and the explainer video is Just open those templates in Krita, go to menu File -> Create Template… Continue reading Smart canvas

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