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Update: I worked on it a little more.

I gave up on this drawing/painting. It’s been a disaster from the start. First, I made the mistake of looking at a video of a painter using thick egg tempera. So I mixed thick egg tempera, a.k.a. goo. I applied it as a start to her face….then I had to wipe it all off. It was gooey! Some goo apparently remained. But I got some beautiful veins and pores of skin with the colored pencils on top. Did I stop there? No, I had to keep going, because the coloring was weird.

Oh how I wish I had stopped. Finally, she’s left with mud and slop and the telltale haze of titanium white. Even the portrait started looking irritated. I think I was reflecting my irritation.

This is the drawing I started with. On scrap paper.

Here is the reference:

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